Years of experience teaching. training, buying and selling dressage horses at all levels have honed our skills for finding the right partnership between rider and horse. Roel’s and Adam’s numerous connections in Europe, and in the US, have exposed them to select opportunities for sourcing and importing FEI quality talent. In addition to finding horses, their expertise carries over into the appraising and selling of horses, as well as the ability to mediate more complex sales. Conveniently located just 40 minutes from Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport, Atlanta Dressage is easy to get to and from. 

While we are extremely serious about the goals of horse and rider at Atlanta Dressage, we work hard to keep the atmosphere light and friendly. We are passionate about our sport, and attract students who feel the same. Please feel free to drop by anytime or call for an appointment to see our barn and training program in action. We are always pleased to meet other riders who share our love for horses.

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