Atlanta Dressage is one of the major Equestrian facilities in the Metro Atlanta area specializing  exclusively in the training of  dressage horses and riders.  Experience creates longevity in this business. Both trainers, Adam Lastowka and Roel Theunissen have an impressive total of over 50 experience between them, and their extensive background offers depth and expertise on many levels. Both have worked with many well know experts in Europe and in the US.  Each trainer has an impressive history of taking horses and riders up through the levels, including several to the Grand Prix level, while remaining accessible to everyone they train, and at the same time with an eye toward making learning enjoyable. 

We are true to a fair, correct and horse friendly way of training our trusted horses. We adhere closely to Classic European dressage principals which reflect in healthy horses, performance and results. Our business welcomes full training customers, temporarily training horses, truck in students and horses that are for sale.

While we are extremely serious about the goals of horse and rider at Atlanta Dressage, we work hard to keep the atmosphere light and friendly. We are passionate about our sport, and attract students who feel the same. Please feel free to drop by anytime or call for an appointment to see our barn and training program in action. We are always pleased to meet other riders who share our love for horses.